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EP 09: Why Success It’s Not All About Talent w/ Chad Richardson

Updated: Jun 30

Creativity, Music Industry

While recording The Legends of Brud, Richardson auditioned for the Canadian production of the Broadway musical Rent, landing the lead and soon after receiving a Dora nomination for his performance. After the show's run he was transferred to the Broadway production. While in New York, he produced his third album no. 1 fan, and also appeared as a young David Bowie in the video for "The Pretty Things Are Going to Hell".

In 2018 he formed The S.O.N.G. Space, a networking community for artists and songwriters of all levels of success. Songwriting, Opportunity, Network, Growth. 2019 has found TSS flourishing and a new passion has entered chad's life. Photography has become a big part of his creative world. In Feb of 2019 he opened his first show, the highly successful and reviewed "People of The South Bay" focusing on the everyday people of the area of Los Angeles in which he lives, the South Bay.

On This Episode You Will Learn:

About the idea of his last wellness and creative boot camp for songwriters in partnership with Tayla Parx, how he got the role to play Mark Cohen in the Canadian version of Rent, how moving to the US changed his life, what's creativity for him and much more.


Songwriters are the heroes of the music industry and also the most unknown people.

The secret is celebrating the little victories. If I go to bed at night one step ahead than when I woke up then that’s good. That might mean getting a good piece of advice from somebody.

If you don’t celebrate the little wins people give up.

Things take time, its not about getting the right person to listen to your song. There are variables. It’s not all about talent.

When you understand this you are less hard on yourself.

You need people around that aren’t in the industry, because it’s the average person who decides what’s a hit.

You need people who will be straight forward.

The idea of the bootcamps is to help with burnout and to prevent it. We started a conversation. That was our main goal, that creators need more help mentally.

You don’t need to die for your art so to speak, you can live a healthy live.

The more real people are the more people connect to them. We are all more similar than we are different and truthfully we are almost thinking the same thing, everybody has their something that’s painful to them.

When people speak their truth, people react to it.

When you put good out, good comes back. Its a hard business to he honest and kind in but the more kind I am to people the more good comes to me.

Being fearless for me is about the concept of delusion and how temper delusion can bring you very far in your life. When people told me all the reasons why I couldn’t do a photography show I shut them down so they didn’t kill my delusion that I could do it. And I did it, I was delusional enough to say I could do it.

Don’t follow your dreams to the point where you hurt yourself but be delusional enough to go after them.

When I was selected to act in Rent I was terrified so I said to myself: if I can’t believe in myself I am going to believe that they know what they are doing. That they saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself until I believed that I could do it I believed they were right.

If you are struggling believe less in yourself and believe more in the people around you and that they know what they are doing.

No means next opportunity, try means take risks, yo!

Everything that happens in life is like links in a chain. There’s thousands of links that make a hit song. I try to be the link in the chain and play the part I am supposed to play. Everything we do, big or small, it’s important. Always understand your own importance in whatever you do.

Creativity is just creativity, its fluid.

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