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EP 06: Legendary Hustle, Self Doubt and Self Belief w/ Kwame Kwaten

Updated: Jun 30

Change and the need for constant adaptation in both in music and business to Kwame is everything.

He cannot stand being told that he can't do something. He is rubbish at grammar and his spelling leaves a lot to be desired but he knows a star when he hears one or sees one. Kwame laughs a lot, has a great, lovely family, and enjoys cooking and football. Many of his acts eat at his flat.

Having been in the music business for 30 years, Kwame has sold a lot of records and downloads and has been lucky enough to have helped build some big careers. He has a thirst for the news when it comes to music and works bloody hard.

I don’t have time for those who are not interested in hard work.

Kwame always seems to discover new artists in weird and wonderful ways. Ferocious Talent is a phrase that he ended up using a lot when trying to describe his artists. Whenever he would be asked, “What is so-and-so like?”

He would always reply,  “The talent is FEROCIOUS!”

Some Questions I Ask:

- What kept you going during the early years of “failing” over and over again?

- Who do you want to impact the most with your work?

- A lot of artists struggle with self-doubt and some even succumb to it never actually flying, how do/did you win the battle and how do you mentor those who come to you with this struggle? 

- Do you believe that effort wins over talent? And to what extent? 

- What's the secret to longevity in the industry? 

- What do the best leaders know about how to effectively connect with their teams?

On This Episode You Will Learn:

About hustle, how to make it you have to at least try it, about self-belief and self-doubt, connecting with people in a deeper level not based in algorithms and much more in roughly half an hour packed with insightful answers that left me literally speechless, I didn’t want to miss a thing and I hope you enjoy as well.


I didn’t count anything as failing, I was quite excited about every day. And a lot of it was making stuff up as you went along. There was no rulebook. You just had to go for it! If you don’t go for it its never going to happen.

Know that sometimes it is possible and go for it! There’s nothing worse than never going for it.

Know that you can go for it, the hustle will be hard but just go for it!

If there’s something in our way I would find a way around it, over it, under it.

Self-doubt is a constant battle. It’s always there. You just have to understand that it has to be there in order for you to overcome it. Embrace it and deal with it. It’s gonna be there.

Dynamite combination for success: talent hard work and ability to make the right decisions that’s when you become unstoppable.

Longevity in the music industry is about perseverance. That’s there to show you what’s coming next and use that power. 

Secrets to longevity: be willing to listen to good advice, networking, and interacting with people is like a muscle and a great skill in the industry. Show gratitude and understand that the power of saying thank you is a very important thing from a genuine place.

Beware of fame. Because some of it is real and a lot of it it’s not real.

Value your personal relationships with people in a way that its not based on algorithms.

Make sure you have the passion and hard work if you can wake up with that every you are doing it right.

A leader has to be fearless and have to be prepared to accept that sometimes they are doing to be the only person that thinks in a certain way and they have to understand that they are going to lead with that way anyway, do it!

Leaders are very good at adapting in any given circumstance. They understand the value of timing, when to say something and when not to say something.

Good leaders understand about staying current, reinvention, and not becoming a dinosaur.

Compassion is a powerful thing and used correctly it’s more explosive than dynamite.

To understand somebody else’s feelings is an important and powerful thing that a lot of us are able to do. Even if we can increase that 50% as a human race we would have done something amazing.

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