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EP 05: Vulnerability and Unconventional Living w/ Tiffany Cheung

Updated: Jun 30

Influencer, Instagram, LGBTQ+

Tiffany Cheung is a 24-year old published author, lifestyle influencer on social media, young single mother, Communications major, and Marketing & Communications Manager. With a community of more than 60k on Instagram and 13k on Facebook, she knows a thing or two about connecting with her audience on a deeper level.

On This Episode You Will Learn:

About dealing with family and traditional bias, relationship issues, single parenting, being a busy young entrepreneur with social life and a daughter, how to handle ‘failure’, and much more.


I want to empower younger women and girls to truly find who they are, not to bend under social pressures but to make decisions around what’s best for them and their life.

Our words have a ripple effect upon one another and when I see others stand up for themselves it truly impacts me.

I came out as bisexual this year in Pride day and my sister came to me as well as bi, and it was a really sweet moment that allowed me to come to terms with who I am and also being able to tell my friends.

I teach my daughter that it doesn’t matter who you love, don’t hold back.

I tell her that she is loved regardless.

I had to let go of the fear of what people might think about me because of my unconventional way of living, being an 18-year-old mother. There are a lot of outside voices on how you should be and how you should live and societal pressures.

Let go of wanting to please the people around me.

Focusing on my mental health and education. I have learned to shed that constant fear of what people might think I should do and just do what I want. That’s being very impactful.

There are no limits to what you can do as a woman.

Being Chinese American there are many traditional values that you are expected to uphold, my mum wanted a soft-spoken, obedient, timid, doesn’t get pregnant at 18, doesn’t out her whole life in the internet daughter and she got me. Being a queer Asian woman who is a single mother has taught her and a lot of people in my community that its ok and it's hard to hold back in front of your family.

You don’t have to be who they want you to be in order to be happy.

In order to embrace your successes you have to embrace your failures, there’s no reaching success without failure.

Parenting is a whole line of failures, there are so many things you feel you do wrong as a mum. When you are juggling the hats of the mother, work, study, and dating.

A lot of it it's trying your best and being ok with trial and error. There’s no linear way of living your life and things will turn out in ways you never expected.

I feel I can turn shortcomings into even bigger successes when I am ready to receive it.

It just depends on your perspective.

The most challenging this coming to terms with what is it that I want to show the world that I and trying to be as transparent as possible and not comparing myself to other people in the Instagram community.

Instagram can be this illusion, this highlight reel from the most exciting moments in people’s lives captured in a feed.

I view as to how can I support the women around me and that we can all rise by lifting one another and once that clicked in my head I was able to create a Facebook community that has almost 13k members where members can ask questions about how to pitch to brands, how you make money on Instagram, how do you collaborate, and know what different companies are looking for and it gives a space to support each other and being a mentor to women who want to build a brand on Instagram because what I have done its replicable.

I always supported my friends when they became entrepreneurs and I think it's important not to ask for a cut or discount of their prices because you want to support them generously because you’d want them to do the same for you.

I work really hard to be vulnerable and transparent so women feel supported and connected. Not being afraid to ask for help, and sharing what I was going through and feeling.

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Being vulnerable changes from person to person and its so different and so funny, just based on their frame of reference, their upbringing.

I think it’s ok to share what you are going through.

When I built the community and realized how many women needed it gave that extra push to even if I didn’t feel like being vulnerable I would take it one step deeper and ask myself: who can benefit from this? Who is going to take something away from this post if I were to be vulnerable right now? This is something I have kept in mind as I continued to build my platform.

If I had one last message to share with the world it would be, it all comes down to love, if we are able to love each other and to truly and genuinely care about one another the world would be such an amazing place.

Taking care of ourselves and being self-centered into the things that we are doing vs. what we can do to impact the rest of the world. I can evoke changes in the law and the government and I can change the world, know that your voice matters in the world.

Take the voice that you have and use it in an impactful way. Even if it has happened for years we can transform it into something better.

We do have the power to make change happen in our lives and once we have this mindset the world will be a much better place. Instead of thinking I am just a small person in this community, its important to take charge and know your worth as a person.

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