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EP 03: ‘The Secret’ to Creating the Life you Desire w/ Jess Shepherd

Updated: Jun 30


Jess Shepherd is an Energy Healer, Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Medium & Meditation Guide, founder of Rising Higher Meditation with a community of more than 560K subscribers on her YouTube channel and whose mission is to connect with love, to help you go beyond, to the core of your vibration and to access the true inner self. 

Some questions I ask:

- Energy healing is a big part of self-actualizing ourselves if someone wanted to tip their toes, what’s the best way to start? 

- How do you work on resistance if it appears and how does it show up if ever in your work/life? 

- What’s your advice on creating a welcoming environment within us for our manifestations to happen and how can we deal with the "in-between" time?

On This Episode You Will Learn:

About being in alignment, her perfect solution for anything, what’s being fearless for her and trusting through surrender, this is an episode that left me vibrating higher and I’m really excited that you get to learn from her as well.


When you come from a place of love instead of fear you can have anything and be anything you want to be and do anything you want to do.

Making the decisions from your heart you are aligning with the energy that you are.

Alignment is when thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are matching up and drive you forward in the same direction and it feels good, it feels sensational when all of those 3 aspects are in one direction.

This is all part of me growing and learning as I go and I felt a pull towards sharing that in some way. I started writing and then speaking about it. I never intended to change or impact anybody else. 

Creating a good environment for the manifestations it's about believing fully that it's done.

Projecting yourself forward into the future where you are living in that house, you are actually doing that dream job you always wanted to do. It invokes all of the feelings that accompany having already manifested what you set out to manifest.

There’s no such thing as time, in between time its a brilliant opportunity to keep aligning with the vision.

Regular meditation helps you be aware and open and you realize the habitual limiting beliefs and behaviors that are not aligning with your vision.

If you have got the desire it’s already done, we have to get out of the way and let that stuff go and replace it with things that are in alignment with that vision.

It’s an opportunity to be conscious of the split and let that thought go and replace it with something else that’s going to get you there.

We have to get out of the way we need to surrender and let it go, there is a myriad of possible ways that it could come to us and if we are holding tightly to one way it’s going to come to us that can also delay it. It takes forever and sometimes will never come. You have to find the magic spot where you can trust and let go.

What you are seeking is also seeking you.

It comes so much faster the more you surrender. Then you are not limiting the way it can come to you.

I don’t consider there to be failures, everything is an opportunity for us to grow. Mistakes are ways for me to learn more and then you are taking the wisdom from things and we don’t use it to give us a hard time.

My answer to everything is meditation, its the miracle medicine to everything: better parenting, more money, a better life. More awareness and perspective will open.

Resistance shows in the form of limiting beliefs I usually do my best to be conscious and aware of what I am feeling and thinking. Every day I open my heart and energy because you can’t be resistant and open at the same time.

I surrender and that releases the resistance.

Being ‘fearless’ to me is about having courage, facing the truth, and something that you don’t like and having courage and love in your heart. A beautiful combination of courage and love.

If I had to choose a quote would be the Rumi quote: Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.

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