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EP 40: Empowerment Through Self-Healing w/Sharna Langlais

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Working with clients internationally, Sharna helps them uncover the source of wounds and blockages so they can live freer, fuller, and brighter lives. Using Reiki, meditation, and energy therapy she facilitates a holistic and individualized journey toward healing. Like so many of us, her path toward working in the healing arts started with her own journey of healing. She brings over a decade of diverse professional as well as personal experience to working with both individuals and groups.

Some Questions I Ask:

- Do we need a healer to do energy work?

- How do you explain it to someone who is curious yet not a believer?

- How do we create energetic protection from external energies like anger and hatred that even if someone carried them around us we are immune and they don’t enter our energy field?

- How can someone who is scared of crying because they fear losing it or not being able to come back from the pain, give themselves permission to feel and dive right in the core of that experience?

On This Episode You Will Learn:

About the opportunity of clearing energy with the quarantine, racism, self-energy healing, the western point of view on gurus, not relying on healers to fix our issues, and much much more.


This opportunity with social distancing has created this whole opportunity for this massive paradigm shift that we see happen in front of our very eyes.

The human energy field is more or less 5ft in diameter all around, some people have larger energy fields, some people have smaller energy fields. 5 ft is what we understand as a norm. So when we are social distancing at 6 ft, it means that our energy fields are not touching. We are used to going around and all our energy fields bumping into each other, and that creates the universal energy field, which is the sum total of all of our energies bumping into each other.

With the Covid-19 requirements, 90% of that interaction that makes the universal energy field has stopped. We are disintegrating the old universal energy field which holds all of our old paradigms, thoughts, ideas, systems of control. The Black Lives Matter is exactly the kind of thing that happens with the deconstruction of the universal energy field, so now is an opportunity for everything that hasn’t been working to rise to the surface, so that we can come together and create something new.

We can play around with energy in the way we experience the world around us.

Through mind-body connection, with memory recall, we can experience negative and positive situations that are not even happening in that moment. That it’s entirely the mind producing the memory, and choosing to think about it to the point where you can actually get a somatic result, you can actually give yourself a headache, or stomach ache, or make yourself cry by something that’s not even currently happening.

That shows the power of the mind to impact our physical energy body.

It’s so difficult to look inside and see all the places that we contribute to systemic racism, or homophobia. We all buy into these systems because we are really born into them. If we don’t take accountability for unpacking our own subconscious belief system then we are just contributing to the system over and over and over again.

Shame is not really a valuable emotion unless it pushes us into action. Own it, feel it, and then move on, and do something about it.

This time is so powerful right now because with every interaction we have with somebody else we get to choose what new universal energy field we are creating.

Are we creating one that continues to be disempowering, and shaming, and blaming, and not productive, or are we engaging in one that promotes accountability, and taking responsibility, and educating yourself, and making different choices?

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