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EP 39: A Lesson About Money w/ Itzhak Beery

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Itzhak Beery is an internationally recognized shamanic teacher, healer, speaker, community activist, and author of three Amazon bestseller books. Born in an Israeli Kibbutz, he had a fine art career and was the owner of an award-winning boutique Ad agency in New York City. A midlife crisis led to his transformation from a skeptical atheist, and business executive into a passionate believer, aligned with his life purpose.  Since 1995, Itzhak bridges the spiritual and practical wisdom his indigenous and Western teachers entrusted in him. He was initiated into the "Circle of 24 Yachaks of Imbabura" by his Quechua teacher in Ecuador and by Amazonian Kanamari Pajè in Brazil.

He is the founder of ShamanPortal.orgThe Andes Summit, and co-founder of the New York Shamanic Circle.

Itzhak received the 'Ambassador for Peace Award' from The Universal Peace Federation and the UN.

Some Questions I Ask:

- What’s shamanism?

- How can shamanism be empowering if we believe there are external forces that we have to call for help?

- How does a shaman overcome the fear of death?

- What about plant medicine? I have seen a rise in ayahuasca retreats and although I think it's amazing that we can journey that way, don’t you think its a process that should be highly monitored and not sold as a cure, peoples minds are not fully ready for the comeback and some don’t fully come back. Is there any other way of accessing that inner wisdom?

On This Episode You Will Learn:

About shamanism, the gift of trauma, the practice of soul retrieving, plant medicine, and western recklessness, overcoming the fear of death, empowerment, and much much more.


I was born in a kibbutz without any religious background.

I’m a very skeptical person, I wanna make sure that the things that I talk about I can actually prove them.

I was very artistic in nature which is listening to Spirit, now I understand. I felt I had a calling, I wanted to express my individuality, and I really followed it despite the social pressure to stay.

Many people who are reaching the age of 40 or 45 they are asking the big questions: who am I, where am I, why am I here, what’s my legacy, what do I need to do?

Then you enter a cocoon where you cannot see the butterfly you are about to become, and its quite a lonely and torturous time. And you can’t make it easy because you truly have to go through the deep night of the soul.

It’s important to understand when you make decisions is that you sometimes don’t know how to make a reasonable argument why you have to do it but you just have to follow your gut feeling, and I did.

We have to be better at listening to our heart, to our gut feeling. When you have to make decisions that require you to step outside of your comfort zone or outside of what you know. If you don’t feel those butterflies in your gut then don’t do it.

The moment we feel fear in our gut, we know it is right but we are afraid, that it’s exactly the moment of your healing.

A shaman is the keeper of the fire, of the traditions. Is the person who holds the community together. There cannot be a shaman without a community and a community is not a community without a shaman.

A shaman is a person who makes other people’s dreams come true.

We help people reconnect with their soul, to their soul purpose, to make them whole again.

Sometimes we act in certain situations the same way we acted when we were 3 to 4 years old because inside ourselves we still believe we are that child.

Trauma is in many ways a gift because it comes to throw you back to challenge your life’s purpose, to bring you into the path of action to do what you came here to do. It’s not pleasant, it’s not something that you want to experience, but it’s a mechanism.

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