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EP 38: TAKEOVER w/Arya Red-Kite, The Wayshower Of The New World

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In today's episode, I, Arya Red-Kite, am taking over to share with you my transformation and uncovering the path I have chosen to follow in this lifetime as the Wayshower of the New World Here and Now.

I work with visionary entrepreneurs who have successfully built 7 figure profit businesses in technology, fitness, photography, videography, media and entertainment, art, real estate, and healing, and now want to know more about the Self and the conscious expansion the world is experiencing in order to show up wholly, tear down barriers and build empires while uplifting others along the way.

By invitation and referral ONLY!

What is a Wayshower, well, here you can find a great definition for this role in the game of life:

"A wayshower is one who embodies the qualities that he or she wishes others to absorb and learn, who manifests these qualities in full measure so that the light that they carry can transfer to the consciousness of all who behold them. Such consciousness is often opaque to qualities of Divine origin that manifest at a lower level of vibration outwardly while existing in full potency only on the soul level. It requires great strength and great intentionality to manifest the full potency of soul qualities so that they can convey the necessary energetic life-force to others who can then assimilate and identify with these energies and qualities more easily."

Last Saturday, July 11th, 2020, I presented my heart to the fire and renewed my vows with my Self.

I’m far from perfect, being around my nephews I’ve learned that I get impatient, I shout when I could speak in a normal volume to make myself understood, I want attention, I say no too often too quick, I say I don’t know when I know as if I was indecisive, do I know though? Just kidding!

I sometimes don’t listen to my body and push too hard. It’s a whole learning process listening to my heart and unlearning the programs.

Sometimes I like to be left alone and live in my bubble. My ego can be loud and I’m still learning to integrate my shadows.

What I know for sure is that I am creating my life as I go, trailblazing, manifesting my thoughts and visions.

I’m an artist dreaming my world into being.

I’ve been preparing for this, or at least that’s what I like to believe, for lifetimes.

This ceremony is the first of many to come and I just wanted to let The Universe know - metaphorically speaking - She already knows, I am Her - that I’m in. For LIFE.

And now, let’s have some fun. Dance, dance around the fire, and let loose! I’ll be here with you ❤️✨



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