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EP 37: Building Wealth Through Geoarbitrage w/Andrew Henderson

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Andrew Henderson is the founder and face of Nomad Capitalist, a company that helps people to find the best places to live, bank, invest, incorporate, start a business, hire, date, and more.

He is the world's most sought-after consultant on legal offshore tax reduction, investment immigration, and global citizenship. He works exclusively with six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs and investors who want to "go where they're treated best".

After nearly a dozen years visiting and living in more than 100 countries, Mr. Henderson has become an expert on the growing field of global citizenship. He is the author of “Nomad Capitalist”, a book discussing the concepts of global citizenship that anyone can apply.

He is unique in that unlike other consultants who merely sell products, he lives the lifestyle he preaches, having multiple passports, homes on three continents, and an international business.

Some Questions I Ask:

- What are the biggest blocks, limiting beliefs or fears that either you had to overcome or you hear people speak about regarding living this nomadic lifestyle?

- What are focus cities and how do you decide which are the best?

- What does luxury mean for you?

- How many passports can we have? Is there any downside to having many passports? How do you select the passports that interest you?

On This Episode You Will Learn:

About offshore banking, companies, and tax, second citizenship, citizenship by investment, distributed teams, luxury nomadic lifestyle, and much much more.


I got a great permission slip when I was 12 years old, and I didn’t realize it at the time. I really believe everyone can benefit from having some kind of permission slip in society. I got mine from my father who said: “You know, Andrew, the world is changing, not one country lasts forever, ancient Rome is no longer a thing, so many societies have come and gone, the United States may be that. You don’t owe it to your family or to your parents to stay in the same city the way many of your friends and family members are telling their kids that they are gonna be taking care of their parents when they get old. You don’t have to do that. You can go, and you can live in a different city, a different state in the United States, you can live in a different country for that matter, you should personally go where you are treated best.

And those were five very powerful, what I call the five magic words.

Most people think: Oh yeah! That’s a good idea! How many times have you told someone: “Hey! Here’s something I have been thinking about!” Oh, that’s a great idea! And they proceed to do exactly the opposite for the rest of their life. And I think for so many people any kind of revolutionary concept it’s like: That sounds cool! But it’s never even processed as I can do this! It’s why most people don’t become billionaires. That’s why most people don’t live the life that they want. Because it’s like: Oh! That’s for somebody else.

I had to go back and change my mindset. For me, it took building a number of successful businesses.

When you grow up in Ohio you are told to be humble. And I think it’s a great characteristic and I look for that in other people, but sometimes you have to prove to yourself that you are good, and you are successful.

Now I have a great idea and I’m immediately executing on it, I think that’s really the thing.

The biggest mindset shift is that despite what you have been told growing up, your country is not number one at anything, certainly not at everything.

My big thing is about culture, if you haven’t been to Malaysia you don’t understand that there’s a fundamentally different culture. In the US the government says: Here are the rules! And then the police go and reinforce them with vigorous abandon and that’s why you see some of the problems that you are seeing now. In Malaysia, the police are the nicest people you’ll ever meet. There’s a fundamentally different culture where their goal is not to subjugate you to their will, their goal is to have some law & order. I call it hard liberty vs. soft liberty.

I’m not convinced there’s so much freedom of speech in the US but it’s written in a document somewhere so people believe that they are superior. If you say anything now in the US you are gonna be fired, you are gonna be toasted. You have to understand the cultures of these societies because there are more soft liberties in countries outside of the West.

Luxury largely is freedom. What I’ve largely found as I get older is, luxury is kindness. It’s also access to whatever it is that you want. Luxury really is freedom, happiness, and I also think it is to a certain extent living on your own terms.

This is about how do you create a holistic plan for your life where you and the company are located in places where they are treated best.

We have divided ourselves as human beings into these groups of people and that’s why we never learn from each other. We progress but we don’t progress as much as we could.

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