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EP 35: Developing the Voice of Our Intuition w/Kristina Furia

Updated: Jun 30

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Kristina Furia is a licensed professional counselor and certified transformational coach. She is also the owner of a holistic group therapy practice in Philadelphia, Emerge Wellness. Originally trained in modern psychoanalysis, Kristina continues to apply this framework as a backdrop for understanding her clients’ needs however feels most called to teach and guide individuals in their journey of personal and professional transformation.

Transformational principles are rooted in neuroscience, psychology, and quantum physics. They serve to help us tap into the hidden capacities that exist naturally within and around us so that we can dramatically improve our overall satisfaction in life and develop into a more evolved and peaceful version of ourselves.

Some Questions I Ask:

- How can we clear our energy?

- What message do emotions show us?

- Do desire and powerful intention have something to do with how much we can shift?

- If we create a reality based on our frequency what happens when we share our space and life with others?

- About visioning, how do we know when we are visualizing our highest potential, I have done visualization exercises for things that weren’t aligned, things that never manifested, and sometimes even things that I thought I had to manifest and they weren’t what I really wanted. Now I know, however, how can we know and not go through the time-consuming process of visualizing under conditioning?

- How can we know when we are listening to our intuition and not fear or conditioning?

On This Episode You Will Learn:

About visioning, her transformation these last 15 months, the power of gratitude, how to experience emotions for healing, how to raise our frequency daily, and much much more.


For a long time, I didn’t know I wasn’t really happy and for a long time, I knew I wasn’t happy but I didn’t know what to do to change it.

In a conference with Mary Morrissey, I realized that that was the work I was meant to be doing and that’s just one of those calls you don’t ignore.

I tend to think that it’s really been an accumulation of a whole lot of small breakthroughs, it’s really been every day a little bit more to vibrate higher, be on a higher frequency, to interact with my emotions differently, to manage what goes with my thoughts a little bit better and being very consistent with my efforts.

Our energy is the product of our emotions and our emotions get trapped in the body which then shifts our energy so bodywork was major for me.

When something difficult comes up actually leaning into it temporarily, regulating my nervous system, regulating my body, using slow, purposeful breathing, and just allowing the feeling to come through me so that I can then be what emotion is meant to be, which is transient in nature, emotions are meant to be transient. So allowing that experience of the emotion coming, leaning in and the emotion passing keeps the energy clear.

If I’m observing myself respond in a predictable way again and again and again eventually I’m going to create access to creating some change. That’s one of the ways that processing emotions fully and observing what’s going with you at the moment can help you see the patterns.

Every time you touch a door handle ask yourself: how are you handling your thoughts?

Write down what you are grateful for and smile, because if your smile it triggers an emotional reaction. Find what works for you to get you to experience some feelings.

Having a why it’s absolutely important and if you are not clear on what your why is yet the fact that there’s curiosity, that can kind of be your why for the meantime until you find your overarching why.

When we feel good it energetically connects us to the Universe, it hooks us up. When we are in lower frequencies everything is a little bit more random because we are not in the flow. We are not in the flow of this energetic Universe.

Check-in how you feel physically, how you feel mentally, and how you feel emotionally to know if you are in the frequency of the reality you want to manifest. Physically you might have pain and not even feel it. Mentally if there’s a thought that doesn’t serve you really well pops in you’re not gonna pursuit. Emotionally you are feeling good.

Intuition is something that unfortunately we don’t spend much time developing so while we do receive intuitive information quite frequently a lot of times it does get ignored, missed or confused as something else and then, on the other hand, a lot of stuff that is a conditioning, that is anxiety, that is some other emotion, we then think is intuition.

The voice of intuition doesn’t really come at you when you are frantic or when you’re anxious. The voice of intuition comes to a calm being when you are in a place of more or less equilibrium.

On my journey meditation has been a great help. I had such a frantic mind for a long time that after meditating consistently over enough time my relationship with my intuition became stronger.

The goal is to feel good, life is meant to be enjoyed but the vast majority of us our conditioning has blocked us from really being able to enjoy life the way it is meant to be enjoyed. The way to begin and to actually maintain transformation so that you can fully enjoy life is to show up every single day because you are not going to spontaneously change.

You are not going to spontaneously start loving life if you have been living in misery for the last 20 years. You gotta show up every day and do a little something to create meaningful change. It’s about the consistency, it’s about the commitment. In time that does yield amazing results.

If just 2% of the world’s population started to vibrate higher we could solve all of the world’s biggest problems.

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