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EP 34: Letting Go of Perfection Syndrome w/Amanda Lifestyle

Updated: Jun 30

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Amanda was living a happy and perfect life in her home country in Brazil, however so far away from her purpose. That's when she decided to quit everything and pursuit her passion, which she found in bodybuilding and later in helping women.

She's a certified trainer and health coach and finds her mission in helping women fall back in love with themselves, their bodies, and their health journey. She found out with her personal journey that fitness is so much more than having the perfect diet and the perfect workout, but much more about your mindset and finding joy in the journey.

She also dealt with eating disorders in her bodybuilding career, which led her to seek healing for herself and also to help women overcome any self-image issues. 

Some Questions I Ask:

- From 2007 to 2020, you’ve gone through all the stages of dieting, binging, gaining weight, beating yourself up for binging, what was the breakthrough that helped you move on from feeling defeated to mastering your mind and body?

- What type of inner work and healing do you do?

- What's your relationship with faith?

On This Episode You Will Learn:

About God, not being reactive, growing through challenges, controlling our emotions, dealing with hunger, mindset, recovering from eating disorders and healing her relationship with food, I felt comfortable enough to share details from my childhood, and much much more.


It’s ok not to be ok. The people posting a perfect life on Instagram don’t have a perfect life. Be careful who you follow and who you set your standards to be because that can have a direct impact on your life.

Choose to follow genuine people that add value to your life, that have a deeper message.

Fitness is more than a perfect diet or a perfect workout, it’s a state of mind. The constant pursuit of a healthy mentality first and then it will reflect on your body.

It doesn’t matter if you have the right diet and the right training, if your mind is not in the right place, if you are not in peace with yourself if you are not in a place in your life that you appreciate, you have gratitude, that you are happy even though you wanna go far, your body won’t reflect that health.

I’m having to learn to take one day off completely.

Not everything is gonna be perfect all the time, you just have to learn to let things go a little and that’s very hard for me but I’m learning.

Women we have a perfection syndrome, we want everything to be perfect, from our tiptoes to our kitchen whatever. It’s heavy labor we put on ourselves to look perfect, to be flawless, to work and to be a perfect housewife, and also a perfect mum, a successful career and have the perfect body and the perfect makeup, no, we don’t need all that.

If you do what you’ve always done you only have what you’ve always had.

I’ve set a time in the morning to pray, to be with myself, to meditate, and just see how much can I control my mindset and my day regardless of what happens. Just not putting myself in that reactive mode.

Understanding how to feel something and not act on it.

I grew up in a Christian home and hated going to church. Until I was living in Miami and feeling empty and I think God calls us, there’s a time when he calls us and from then I wanted to go to church. I’ve had times when I couldn’t go to church like now with the quarantine and I just found out that we are the church, God is not a religion, it's not one thing for everybody. Everybody has their own perspective of God.

When I start feeling empty of purpose I know its because I am not connecting to the Source, I’m not connecting to the One who put that purpose in me in the first place.

There’s no right way of praying. God knows your heart. He just wants you to surrender. You don’t have to say any right words or do any rituals.

If you want to eat something have awareness of the emotion making you feel hungry and if you eat it anyway, enjoy it without guilt.

For most people, if they only knew the benefits of exercising, not necessarily lifting weights, just exercising, moving your body, doing yoga, dance, hiking, walking, anything. Our body is really meant to move, when we move we are happy when we don’t move we are depressed.

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