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EP 32: Welcoming Fear To The Inner Table w/Tanya Markul

Updated: Jun 30

Intuition, Self Love, Storyteller

Tanya Markul’s path is one of the poetesses, intuitive, and wounded storyteller. An unwanted child, she was raised on barren soil, of shame, guilt, and overwhelming self-hatred. From the womb, her inner navigation was tainted from an ancestry of addiction, instability, abuse, and fear. Her journey to self-heal, and to become ready to guide others, has taken many arduous paths, risks, and harrowing rebirths.

She is a guide to the other side of pain. A key and wisdom keeper. A creative midwife. An enchanting storyteller and quirky rule-breaker. She is a tree lover and fairy spirit. Imagination is her wand, the dreamworld her guide, and Nature her map.

Tanya is dedicated to helping others heal by holding sacred space for their stories, and by unlocking the impossibility of shape-shifting their pain into soul-led healing purpose. Her medicine beckons the brave curiosity to look within, brings a sense of humor to cracked surfaces, unveils the beauty of hidden authenticity, and conjures the courage to love and accept oneself in this lifetime.

Tanya creates with words, the unseen world, sensitivity, and vulnerability.

Some Questions I Ask:

- How can we find that sweet spot of strength and vulnerability to speak what we have in our hearts even when it’s hard?

- How can we ignite our intuition & align with our personal divine timing?

- What did you mean by there’s no difference or distance between the mess you are right now and your absolute dream self?

On This Episode You Will Learn:

About finding strength in vulnerability, having a creative project divorce, believing in her power, welcoming fear to the inner table, listening to the voice of intuition to ignite the personal divine timing, and much more.


There’s a part of wanting the attention of others that it’s really healthy so you can see yourself, so you can get a reflection of yourself so that you can creatively spar or to gain another person’s wisdom from their life experience.

After the 5 months of feeling the divorce from my other project was a betrayal I realized I had a book to write, I have a voice that I’ve been hiding, just really hiding under the rug for like 5 years because I had been putting my whole self into something that really wasn’t my authentic, it wasn’t my voice, it wasn’t truly based in my story.

This was just a letting go of the pieces of me that were ready to evolve into something else.

I listen to myself, I listen to the little voice that isn’t a complete asshole all the time, that isn’t based on insecurity, that isn’t always standing in the wounded parts of my story. I let myself hear the voice that was saying: this is what you want, on a personal growth level this is what you need.

Even now I have a challenge believing in my power, in my creative ability, in the gifts that I have that come naturally.

When shit happens to us we cover up that inner voice.

There’s no difference between the mess you are right now and your absolute dream self because it’s you.

If I could leave the planet and make a huge change people would all have to be mostly vegetarian. No more factory farming, no more testing on animals.

I don’t want people to feel guilt and shame about their choices but I also feel that how we treat animals is a reflection of the path we have gone of unnecessary suffering and violence. It is hell.

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