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EP 31: Trust Your Intuition and Acknowledge Your Wins w/ Cosmic

Updated: Jun 30

Intuition, Meditation, Spirituality

Cosmic Byron the author of “The Power of Adversity”, grew up in South Florida, traveled the world, and spent three years of his life in Western Asia.

He has dedicated this decade of his life to an insatiable passion in Neurobiology, Neuroscience and with a concentration in Human Cognition and Behaviour. Prior to his fascination with research, he served in the military and obtained his degree in engineering. Thinking, writing, researching, and analyzing have become the impetus to his life, that he wouldn’t trade for the world. He absolutely prides himself on remaining delightfully in-tune with his inner spirituality in order to empower himself and those he comes into contact with.

Encouragement toward living the most effervescent life and making happiness a priority! “The Power of Adversity” has helped numerous individuals extinguish self-limiting beliefs and aspire to emotional heights never thought possible. 

Some Questions I Ask:

- The moment we accept the reflection in the mirror is the moment we’ve saved ourselves, what did you mean?

- Tell us more about writing your goals daily and many times if needed. What’s the process you have to manifest?

- What’s co-dependency?

- Reality, perception, and the illusion of bondage.

- Adversity and overcoming challenges with the warrior within. These days we need your words more than ever. What are the 3 actionable steps we can all take right now to step into that greatness and come out to the other side victorious?

On This Episode You Will Learn:

About relationships, projections, breathing, a crash course of the chakras, journaling, paradigms, belief systems, intuition, emotional release, goal setting to increase your self worth, codependency, and much more.


I am not awaken, I’m continuously awakening.

After my first relationship showed me how I was projecting to the outside I knew I had to go inside, I needed to start exploring why does my behavior manifest in this way, why do my emotions express in this manner.

Projections are when let’s say you and I we are in an argument, I’m feeling some sort of way and I’m projecting my beliefs system, my paradigms, my schemas onto you in an attempt to manipulate you to try and take on my emotional patterns. To make you see how I am right and make you feel inferior. So I’m trying to exert dominance over you with my projection.

I’m very particular with my choice of wording, there will be some moments where I just pause because I wanna be very conscious of the wording that I’m using and the message that I am projecting.

If we take a moment to sit with ourselves in a nonjudgmental and not criticizing type manner, just connect to our breathing, this is the most foundational connectivity activity that we can do. That to me is psychology, that to me is life, that to me is neuroscience, biology, chemistry, all those wrapped up into one. Breathing, being connected, being conscious of the breath that we are doing.

Life is as one thinketh that’s how that person experiences it.

Conversation can be sexual.

I’ve brought metacognition to a point in my life where I tremendously, immensely, deeply, think about my emotions, my feelings, my sensations, my words, my body language, I’ve become totally immersed in the idea of: why do I behave this way, why do I express behavioral patterns in a particular manner, why do I feel emotions around this particular type of person.

Introspection has become my life.

The moment we accept the reflection in the mirror we’ve saved ourselves.

People think life gets harder or easier, it’s not that, we learn to maneuver, we learn how to navigate more effectively. Life for me is neutral.

‘STOP manifesting shit that doesn’t stretch, break or scare you because you know it comes with great responsibility. Playing small wasn’t written in the script, it’s something we chose and can now consciously un-decide. All forces conspire with the choice we make in this present moment.’

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