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EP 30: Being More Reflexive and Less Reactive w/ davidji

Updated: Jun 30

Meditation, Spirituality, Stress-Management

davidji is an internationally recognized stress-management expert, corporate trainer, meditation teacher, and author of the Nautilus Gold Medal winning book Sacred Powers, the critically acclaimed and Amazon #1 Bestseller, destressifying: The Real-World Guide to Personal Empowerment, Lasting Fulfillment, and Peace of Mindand Secrets of Meditation: A Practical Guide to Inner Peace & Personal Transformation, winner of the Nautilus Book Award.

After a 20-year career in business, finance, and mergers and acquisitions, davidji began a new journey to wholeness, apprenticing under Deepak Chopra for 10 years as his lead educator & the dean of his university, where he trained more than 200,000 people to meditate and certified more than 1,000 meditation teachers.

For more than 12 years davidji has helped thousands of people around the world to perform at higher levels, become more reflective and less reflexive, make better decisions, sleep better, enhance their relationships, experience abundance, and live purpose-driven lives.

davidji is a certified Vedic Master, and every month, throughout the world, he hosts empowerment workshops, life-change immersions, transformational spiritual retreats, and teacher training.

He has a passion for working with entrepreneurs, business leaders & those in high-pressure, high-stress situations. His teachings on stress release, conflict resolution, and mindfulness are now practiced in many of the top Fortune 500 companies, the military, and some of the largest police precincts and academies in the country.

Some Questions I Ask:

- What are Sacred powers?

- “When I let go of who I am, I become who I might be.” - how do we let go, cut cords, and surrender?

- How do we navigate emotions and not let them overwhelm us? You can avoid them however there has to be a way to be aware of how much you feel and how open you are to prevent that pain or it’s just part of the experience?

- How to embrace change and the unknown with grace?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

About his awakening, his search for answers across India, how he became the COO of the Deepak Chopra centre, the Sacred Powers, understanding emotions and we even did a meditation in the middle. This and much more in 45 minutes of light and wisdom with the soundtrack of the birds of his outdoor office. High vibration!


I started meditating in college.

After that, I started working in the corporate world and I realized that I traded in my morning meditation for an early morning train ride to the World Trade Centre and I had traded in my evening meditation for a glass of Scotch.

Meditation was gone from my life and also balance.

In the days of the 9/11 walking down the street, a homeless man grabbed my leg and asked me: What’s gonna be in your tombstone?

YOGASTHA KURU KARMANI - establish yourself in the present moment… and then perform action!

My mission now is to help people connect to the stillness and silence that rests within so they can slow down a little bit and hear the whispers in their hearts. I believe that resting in each of us is the answer to every question we could ever ask, we just have to quiet things down a little bit so we can hear the answers.

The Sacred Powers that every culture and society share are:

  • The Divine Principle of One: we are one entity, the Universe is inside of each and one of us.

  • The Divine Principle of Awareness: It all starts with awareness of the world around us. Attention, Intention, and Action.

  • The Divine Principle of Rebirth: We get to recreate ourselves. Societies and cultures, indigenous people have rebirth ceremonies, we have the baptism. To truly rebirth you first have to accept everything that has happened in your life, be willing to release what no longer serves you, and then be willing to step into new beginnings.

  • The Divine Principle of Infinite Flow: Everything is an energy exchange. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed it can only be changed from one form to another.

  • The Divine Principle of Inner Fire: Our passion and purpose, that thing we all have that moves us forward in life and really take us to where we wanna be and really helps to self actualize.

A lot of us are going going going and we don’t take time to reflect, meditation introduces that break between what was and what will be.

You can break a habit, a bad behavior, an addiction, you can break a conditioned response by inserting some space between it and what the next thing is about to be. Because if you do that then the next thing that’s about to be can be anything.

If we can be still instead of reacting we can make a better choice at the moment and then you raise your vibration.

Meditation is cultivating our ability to witness.

The definition of stress is how we respond when our needs are not met.

The key is being able to respond without emotional charge because that’s where the drama ends up.

We suffer because we cling to our desires. Desires, dreams, they are magnificent but when we get attached to them we think things will last forever and we live in a world where nothing lasts forever. Everyone we know is going to die. Everything we love at some point we will be separated from it. There is a cycle and we seem to ignore it a lot.

We are of the nature of change.

We transform the world by transforming ourselves. If we can shift what’s inside of us then everything outside changes.

When we forgive we free ourselves from the ties that bind us to the one that hurt us.

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