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EP 29: Wholeness, Grace and Alignment w/ Brenden Durrell

Updated: Jun 30

Healing, Personal Growth, Sacred Masculine, Spirituality

Brenden is a dedicated student of life and specializes in maximizing the human experience by adopting a focused yet lighthearted approach to life - inviting the mind, body, and soul into unity.

As a former professional athlete; Brenden offers a powerful perspective on cultural masculinity vs. sacred masculinity and now helps support both men & women around the world to identify and reach their highest potential and purpose.

He now works side by side with world movers and shakers such as Conscious Man Brotherhood, Sacred Sons, Preston Smiles, and Prince Ea in serving daily in deep-rooted love.

Brenden’s experience and training expand across multiple healing modalities including reiki, breathwork, cacao + tobacco ceremonies, transformational coaching, Tibetan Tantra, and is a strong, grounded gatekeeper and protector of the sacred masculine + divine feminine.

Some Questions I Ask:

- About becoming and being. I think that’s the most powerful breakthrough we can have, realizing we are already all that we desire. How did you get to that realization?

- You speak about astrology, how much do you think it’s already written and how much can we choose freely? Is there really free will at all or is it simply remembering or choosing to forget?

- When healing or growing, how can we be authentic and not come from a place of wanting to fit into a community or thinking we should behave a certain way just because that’s the way it's supposed to be instead of honoring all the emotions and feelings and moods and behaviors we might be called to express?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

About healing processes, gratitude practice, how to respond to the challenges we can face in our relationships during this quarantine and after, astrology, authenticity, the power of dance, divine masculine archetypes, and much more.


I’ve always been content with things I’ve had, my parents even though things weren’t perfect we always had enough of something, we always had clothes. I’ve learned throughout my life that having basic needs met was enough for me. Now as an adult on this journey I always remind myself that:

I am perfectly whole and complete, all the time, no matter what with room to improve my experience as being a human.

We all have what we need inside to become the greatest version of ourselves.

Not every trigger is a bad thing. You don’t only have to be in the deep dark and messy processes to heal, you can also heal through pleasure, through grace, through peace.

I live my life as if I have free will. And then I also have things that are very effective or very ineffective based on my chart. I can choose either one but one of the choices would be more favorable based on my chart. This doesn’t mean I won’t encounter bumpy roads however it can be the path of least resistance.

I express gratitude and send out what I want the Universe to mirror back to me.

Giving a silent blessing to someone is a way of altruism. You took a moment of your day to partner with somebody and that’s a great gratitude practice.

If someone is treating you in a bad way is not about you, it’s about them, they are struggling with something that you may not know about. The remedy is just compassion. You don’t need validation from them for things to be ok.

I grant myself a lot of grace. Just because I am in this space, surrounded by amazing people, people think I am not a human. I still get upset, I still want to say fuck you to people. I have a lot of compassion for myself, if I get upset I know I have the tools to calm down, to put things into perspective. However, I am not going to shame myself for getting upset.

I grant myself a lot of grace because I know that when I am back to feeling myself and being in my heart, I know that I’m going to take ownership of my actions.

Simplicity is bliss, less is more.

Express yourself. If you feel that wasn’t effective tone it down or add more.

When I’m in alignment life is just flowing, I feel like a part of nature, I’m not separate from it, my interactions with people are very gentle, very embracing.

There are certain times when I don’t feel that I do certain things to get me back there, it could be dancing or breathing or drinking cacao or working out or making myself a green juice, drinking more water.

Our body is a living library, everything we experience gets stored in our body on a cellular level. Any kind of move we do with intention is supporting a massive release and emotions, endorphins, that supports us in a euphoric feeling, like a nirvana feeling.

Clear. Let people know that you don’t care what happened in the past. Send them love, they don’t have to be in your life. The more space that’s cleared energetically in this world it’s gonna create more room for all of us to create this New Earth we want to live in.

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