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EP 28: Start Your Engines w/ Sam 'The Engine' Briggs

Updated: Jun 30


Affectionately known as ‘the Engine’ due to her unstoppable endurance, Sam made the switch from triathlon and duathlon to CrossFit at the end of 2010 and within three years won the 2013 CrossFit Games. She remains one of Britain’s elite CrossFitters and an all-time great competitor at the Games, with six Top 10 finishes overall.  Sam is currently training for the CrossFit Games 2020, sharing her time between the US and the UK where she co-owns Train Castlefield & Heald Green.  

Some Questions I Ask:

- How do you deal with darkness, with doubt or fear? 

- What’s your main drive? What keeps you hungry? 

- The year off - 2012 - what was your mind frame? I imagine taking a step back when you are so driven can come as a hit, however, you refocused the training and came back stronger. Do you create a road map for the year, is the team you have around you, what routines do you have in the morning and evening to keep you centered and focused? 

- What’s your relationship with faith?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

About self-doubt, how she found Cross Fit, dealing with injuries, competing with a broken foot, building her gym from scratch, and much more.


As I’m getting older, the feeling of doubt definitely creeps in more than when I first started out as a Cross Fitter. I’ve been at the top of the sport so I see where I was so not necessarily comparing myself to others, it’s comparing myself to my old self and that sometimes that doubt creeps in: maybe I’m not good enough to still compete.

It’s understanding that it’s part of the process and not being hard on yourself and that only means that being an athlete and competing at that level means a lot to me.

Be open about it, talk to your loved ones, talk to others.

I just turned 38 and I still want to be able to be the best that I can be.

I like to think that there’s something out there but I’m not driven by faith.

Competing with a broken foot, it was more stubbornness than faith. I didn’t give myself the option to quit, to do anything else. It didn’t matter the injury I was going to give the best shot that I had. I just did what I was physically capable to get the position that I was in.

The focus was never on the pain, it was in the end goal of making it back to the games.

What we can learn from Cross Fit and apply to our daily lives:

  • That pain when you are working out really hard and you want to quit but you don’t, you finish the workout, you get the next extra reps. It’s a great lesson in life, you just don’t give in or quit when things start to get hard or things start to get uncomfortable. You get through and you feel better for it afterward.

  • Community. Just being able to push yourself alongside others and know that you are not in it alone, that other people are in it with you.

For me, the biggest thing is always to have fun. If you are not enjoying yourself then, what’s the point? We are on this Earth for a very short time so regardless of when I’m gonna leave the Earth I want to make sure I’ve lived my life to the fullest. Don’t leave anything to regret, do what you wanna do and love your life.

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Book: Start Your Engines: My Unstoppable CrossFit Journey

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