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EP 27: Finding Authenticity Through Surrender w/ Elton Anderson Jr

Updated: Jun 30

Abundance, Awakening, Self Love, Spirituality, Travel

Content creator in every continent, Elton Anderson Jr. was born and raised in Detroit. He figured he would go to college (FAMU), work in Corporate America (pharmaceutical sales), and become some successful CMO or something but alas… he got his first camera in 2008 and that was the end of the life he thought he wanted.

From that point, his journey has been this really wild “Choose Your Own Adventure” book that he can’t seem to put down.

He has been a commercial and celebrity photographer, producer, director, speaker, starred in a national commercial, and now he hosts a travel show! Through all those experiences, his love for people and human connection has been the driving force in everything he does. His ultimate goal is that you leave his site with a little more inspiration to see the world and become the best version of yourself!

Some Questions I Ask:

- What beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, and relationships have you chosen to let go of these last few months?

- What did you realize about abundance and why?

- What have you learned about your manifestation power?

- You speak about loneliness, what’s the biggest challenge of facing your shadow, and what have you learned about it?

- What do you think is your purpose and what is your North Star?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

About letting go of the identity and external validation, spiritual awakening, authenticity, power and force emotions, overcoming his drug and sex addiction, finding who he really is, the power of meditation, synchronicity, and much more.


The first thing I had to let go of was limiting beliefs. For so long I didn’t have necessarily the inner confidence that I thought I had, that I projected on to the world so I didn’t feel as authentic as I was because I knew how to perform and how to get people to like me but I wasn’t being authentic.

I let go of my apartment in Downtown LA, my car, friendships, relationships, my attachment to Los Angeles, my attachment to America, every single thing I was identifying with to go on a journey, and figure out who I was.

The hardest was letting go of who I was. When you are validated by so many things outside of you when you let go you are left with: who am I? You are then left with meeting somebody that you don’t know.

I asked myself: 

What do I like?

What makes me happy?

What’s my purpose?

I started meditating because I understood that I need to go within because your internal world pretty much dictates your external reality.

Wherever you are right now is literally the externalization of everything you’ve thought and decisions you’ve made over the past few years.

The two biggest things are abundance and gratitude.

You have to set the intention, I don’t go around wanting things, I set intentions. The intention is the first initial spark. For example, I want to make YouTube videos that inspire people to start their own journey. Then I feel grateful for two things, first when I get one person who says: Elton I watched your video and it made me happy or brought me joy. If I’ve done that I’m happy and grateful.

The next thing I do is being grateful for things that haven’t occurred yet. I practice gratitude for having 100k subscribers in my YouTube channel because if I get into the emotion of that, that’s the key right there.

I believe more in the law of reflection, you don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are.

I’m focusing on the person I want to become.

My manifestation process looks like this now:

- I set the intention and then I work so hard at it, so I try and make the best videos I can make at this time. So I make smaller manifestations throughout the day and I’m grateful for those manifestations and it’s a feedback loop.

- I’m all about falling in love with the process.

- The final part is detaching from the outcome. I don’t have goals per-se, my goal is to make a better video that can reach more people.

I feel fulfilled when people feel inspired by something I do or when I give people inspiration to make changes in their lives.

I started listening to the positive triggers that feed my soul. If feeding my soul helps people then that’s my whole purpose in life.

A friend I met in India told me: it’s not about letting go of those things ‘cause they are already gone, it’s not about you letting go of those people, you have to let go of the part of yourself that’s holding on to those things.

Praying is when you talk to God and intuition is when God talks to you.

Everything you need is already in you. There’s so much abundance inside of you, you just have to release the thoughts stopping it: fear of being judged, of stepping out on faith, of letting go of the things you identify with.

Everything is 100% neutral.

Before you leave this Earth find out what makes you authentic.

Authenticity is responding to things that arise within you.

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Books and topics we talk about:

Power vs. Force & Letting go by Dr. David R. Hawkins 

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle 

21 days Abundance meditation with Deepak Chopra

Dark night of the soul

Shadow work

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