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EP 25: Love & Enlightened Self Interest w/ Dan Teano

Updated: Jun 30

Enlightenment, Faith, Self Love, Spirituality

Dan Teano is a 25-year-old poet, writer, and speaker. Since graduating from college two years ago, Dan has been on a mission to making a full-time career out of his passion for inspiring people to live a life center on purpose, love, and faith. Dan is the content creator behind the Instagram page @ineededtoreadthis, and every day he writes messages in the form of posts and emails, to his followers and fans. His primary objective is to become a best-selling author and world-renowned speaker—and above all, to encourage people to live in love, not fear.

Some Questions I Ask:

- I believe we should brag more so I’d like to hear your thoughts on that because after watching your video about the dream killer I’m intrigued.

- How do you know when you are acting as your higher self? How can we reconnect daily with it?

- You speak about not settling for someone who doesn’t feel like home but what if what feels familiar it’s not what we really need?

- Tell us about your social media fast. What did you do? What was your routine? What was the biggest revelation? How did it feel? What was the hardest part of it?

- I believe we are consciousness, how do you know God exists and who is God?

- I loved the concept of enlightened self-interest mainly because as women we have told for centuries to be selfless. Did you have to overcome the guilt of wanting what you want? How?

On This Episode You Will Learn:

About God, authenticity, spirituality, soulmates, creativity, social media fasting, living life by faith, and much more.


If you accomplish something show the world. The mind needs that, the reward, the dessert at the end of the meal. Otherwise, you feel like life its just work.

Wanting to showcase your blessings can block them, it’s a dream killer. When you are dreaming about something and you fantasize about showing off more than you fantasize about being in the game, that’s when something bad happens. Your brain starts focusing on the ego rather than the soul.

Be more focused on the process, not the reward. Your soul needs something denser than a shallow motivation. However, I agree that once the reward is achieved we should showcase it because a lot of people they look at our journeys and they wanna see that we are progressing because they need evidence that they can do something with their life too. It is very important for us especially to showcase every single milestone.

It is important to remind ourselves of our intentions every single day.

We are always connected to our Higher Self, it’s just a matter of awareness. If you want to connect with your Higher Self go to your place of power. Me being in alignment with who I am is directly correlated to me doing things where I feel powerful, where I feel I am in my core essence. Make time to do whatever it is you are passionate about that way you are more aware of your Higher Self so it can shine through throughout the entire day.

I come from a background where I believe that there is a person designed for you, someone who has the exact same soul blueprint as you.

Your soul is gonna manifest whatever you need. That sexy, spontaneous, fresh type of romance is just paving the way for us to learn lessons, our triggers, our love language, to be with the ultimate love who feels like a breath of fresh air, who feels like you coming back home, who feels like you don’t have to try so hard, who feels like you don’t have to put on your pick up skills, or put on makeup, you can just roll out of bed out of sweatpants with morning breath and just say I love you.

The real vibration of success is it will happen when it happens, I can put faith in God that this is meant to be and it will be.

I did 21 days social media fast, I wanted to trade ambition for faith, hustle for trusting in God that this will happen.

When you are off your phone you start having actual human experiences. A lot of us we want to be great, we want to be successful, we want to build up things for ourselves and make a living off of our passions and those things are great but a lot of us in doing these things we forget to just be present with the people we love most.

A lot of us have so many suppressed emotions and we hide them by distracting ourselves but if we let them just raise to the surface we won’t need a reason to distract ourselves, we won’t need a reason to play music while we drive because everything is fine within.

If you are not present with yourself first you can’t be present with another person.

Fill your own cup first, it’s important to be aware of what’s going on right now but it’s more important to know what’s going on within yourself. That’s enlightened self-interest.

Eliminate the shame, there’s nothing shameful about taking time for yourself, taking care of your passions, about waking up early and go to the gym, and making sure you are feeling 100%. There’s nothing wrong with calling off to work that day because you need to spend time with your Higher Self.

Once the shame is removed you can know who you really are and from that place of true authenticity, you can help people the way you were designed to help other people.

Be your biggest fan, be your number one fan, everything you do, be exceedingly, abundantly proud of. You should be feeling outmost, exuberant joy.

That supplies the energy you need, the positivity you need, the encouragement you need to do it again and it eliminates the fear factor of, what will other people think of this? What will other people say about this? What if this person doesn’t like it? What if this person thinks this is offensive? What if this person thinks this is crap?

You don’t care because you are your own fan and everyone else is just eavesdropping or stalking.

Bonus gift: 


1. Believe it to see it.

2. Fear nothing. 

3. Commit to your new life. 

4. Allow the old to pass away.

5. Be grateful for everything that happens.

6. Let life work for you.

7. Reprogram your subconscious mind. 

8. Remind yourself abundance is your default. 

9. Stay focused on your purpose.

10. Love yourself unconditionally. 

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