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EP 23: How To Be Unashamedly Yourself w/ Vinegar Strokes

Updated: Jun 30

DragQueen, LGBTIQA+, LGBTQ+, Self Love

Vinegar Strokes is South London’s finest Drag exports. Actor, Singer, Comedian, and unashamedly working, she is a quadruple threat of entertainment and she’s on a mission to MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD!! Vinegar is Camp, Cray Cray, and something else beginning with the letter C.

She is best known for starring in the hit west end musical EVERYBODY’S TALKING ABOUT JAMIE and will be hitting the screen in October in the first season of RUPAUL’S Drag Race UK on BBC THREE. She is a staple on the Cabaret and Drag circuit performing across the UK.

Some Questions I Ask:

- You said that to be a drag you must have steel balls. How did you build your confidence up? 

- What’s the message you want to communicate with your work? 

- How do you come up with the stories for your shows? 

- What has been the most successful joke or line you’ve shared so far?

- Is there anything that drives you crazy about people in general and you’ve channeled in a positive way in one of your shows?

- I’ve seen you deal with haters on Twitter, how do you deal with them in real life?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

About how to find your self-confidence, the origin of her most famous quote, the message she wants all of us to get from her life and performances, how she channels Daniel's quest for his ideal man through drag and much more.


Purpose and passion can be a multiple amount of things. I’ve taken all my different passions and put them into the drag box and I like to think that with the platform I’ve got now, the way I’m kind of growing my brand and my persona, more passions and purposes will come out of that whether that’s inspiring someone to be themselves, to go out and put a wig on or even try something new, something they’ve not tried before, for now, I’m living the dream and discovering why am doing this.

I’ve taken the back door to get where I wanted to get to from leaving drama school ten years ago to being in the West End, Ru Paul’s Drag Race, which has put me in a place of self-confidence of going: Yeah! I’m doing the right thing, it’s all paying off really well, I’m really good at what I do actually!

Being confident is an ongoing thing, I don’t think any person is confident 24/7, you have days where you don’t have the headspace for a gig and I have my own ways to get in the zone for a show, practices to kind of warm-up yourself up in a way. You can learn how to be confident, when I was a kid I was not very confident, I was quite shy believe it or not, and what brought me out of my shell was actually doing drama, creating stuff like that, being able to perform, which helped me build my confidence in a social point of view.

Once you find the thing you want to do and keep doing it you might have your worst confidence for your first gig but you go on stage and go: Oh my god! This is amazing! And the more you do it the more confident you get. And once you are sure of what you are doing, what your act is and of your persona and the thing you’ve created you can’t help not to be confident with that and be sure that what you are doing is really good.

Not only when I’m on stage, even when I’m living my day to day, on Instagram or social media, I also want to see someone who’s having fun or just outside the box or something that doesn’t feel impossible. I never wanna come across as a negative person, if I’m having a bad day, if I’m having a bad morning, I don’t ever want to go to Twitter and rant because a bad moment of your day does not define your whole day.

My main goal is to show that of nothing, you can come from a place of a single parent, you’ve got no money, you’re working class, you’re a person of color, you’ve not got a six-pack, you’re short whatever it is that might be a thing that might hold someone back because the main part of society may go: this is perfection and this isn’t so I want people to see me and go: actually it is possible to follow your dreams, to follow your passions and follow the things you really wanna do.

You get one life, you get one go, and if you are not following a passion that you might have what are you really doing, and who are you really serving? I really think you should be serving yourself as much as you can.

We all should be allowed to follow what we wanna do. I want kids to look at me and know that you can do what you want to be doing, you might have to work a bit harder but the hard work its part of the fun.

Enjoy every last bit, enjoy yourself and have fun, because I've found that when I stop worrying and stop comparing myself with other people when I go back to my authentic self which is when I was a kid when as long as I was laughing I was good. 

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