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EP 22: Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway w/ Roger Snipes

Updated: Jun 30

BioHacking, Fitness, Personal Growth

Roger Snipes is a British bodybuilder, fitness model, health influencer, investor and fitness trainer. He is the winner of Mr. UK, Mr. Britannia in 2010 and Fame UK in 2011. He followed it up with a win at Musclemania 2011. Won the WBFF European Championship in 2013 and took second place in the WBFF World Championship in 2015. 

Some Questions I Ask:

- What’s the truth of who you are?

- What is the message that you want to communicate?

- What are 2 things you thought at the time were bad and now you see them as blessings and what did you learn from them?

- You are sharing your biohacking journey, for the newbies, what are the 3 key things to understand about this lifestyle?

- Which 2 books do you swear by and why?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

About details from his childhood that tormented him back in the day and how he used that to grow into the emotionally and physically strong person he is today, the 3 key things to understand bio-hacking, what he thinks of the food industry, and much more.


Bodybuilding itself it’s pretty much building a structure that is visually appealing for judges on a stage but if you are looking at it from a holistic standpoint, there’s a bit more to it, you are not just trying to build the body, you are trying to build the mind, just overall health.

For me it’s all about optimizing the health, building the body from the inside out.

I decided to test my efforts on the stage and it ended up being pretty successful so people started following me on social media but I didn’t want people to follow me just because I look good so I decided to hang the trophies and focus more on just the human body and where can we optimize it.

I started to venture into the direction of bio-hacking which is more looking at functional medicine and naturopathic medicine.

Everything that I do is all about overall health and the message which I try to give to every individual is: how are you dealing with the person inside? Who are you? Do you know who you are? How are you responding to the things that are around you?

Like Les Brown says: are you a thermostat or a thermometer? There are some people that they generate their own response to things and there are some people who react to things that happen around them.

What I do is teach people how to respond and how to make an internal decision before they react to things around them. You really need to build yourself from the inside, understand who you are, and having not just a great IQ but having a very strong emotional intelligence.

I spend a lot of time listening to podcasts and building myself on a psychological level because as a child I was very self-conscious, I had terrible self-esteem, so I had to work on that and it taught me to be a stronger person on the outside.

I try and give people encouragement in letting them know that the power is within them to get things done. How they can build their strength through NLP, breathing exercises, or just nature to help, natural sunlight, grounding.

My father was really, really strict and as a child, you are emotionally sensitive, very tender, you can’t quite understand things as much. I used to get physically beaten with a belt and I used to think that was normal. It was very tormenting so I was motivated to not do things out of line. Despite this, my dad helped me become a more disciplined person.

It’s not about what you want to do, it’s about what needs to be done.

If I find myself with a challenge I throw myself in the deep end and I think afterward.

Feel the fear and do it anyway. That’s one thing I always apply. I can’t go based on emotions.

The 3 key things to understand about biohacking:

  • have an open mind because there might be certain things that you have learned and continue doing out of habit without really questioning why

  • keeping it extremely simple because sometimes technology can take from things we should be doing naturally like walking, being more mobile, grounding in the earth, sunlight

  • look more in nutrient density in foods rather than exciting your taste buds

I would tell my teenage self: take more risks. As a child I never followed the crowd because I felt that I was always different, people would say I was weird and sometimes it made me think: why am I so different? That held me back.

What would really change the course of history would be to embrace and love other people, without judging, without even having to know anything about them. Giving random acts of kindness without even questioning it.

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