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EP 17: How She Dares To Win w/Kirsty Hendey

Updated: Jun 30


Kirsty is a full-time business consultant and part-time fitness athlete who trains extensively in CrossFit and endurance exercises. She recently appeared on Channel 4's SAS Who Dares Wins and found the experience life-changing. This has inspired her to explore her thrill-seeking side further and to begin to use her strength for the greater good. 

She uses her training and positive outlook to inspire and encourage other women to challenge themselves by finding their discomfort zone, taking risks, harnessing their power, and exceeding their own expectations. 

Some Questions I Ask:

- Who is Kirsty apart from the fitness star that we all can see, who are you deep inside and what are those things you’d like to share with that we don’t usually get to see?

- You participated in the TV show SAS - Who Dares Wins - What motivated you to join the show?

- Tell us about the struggle, what was the worst, and what kept you going?

- What would you tell your younger self, how would she respond now if given the chance, have you been tested in your adult life and how do you cope?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

About her experience in SAS - Who Dares Wins, a very personal violent incident that put her fitness and life into perspective, what motivates her to show up to her workouts, the mental skills you need to overcome obstacles, the source of her determination and much more.


My 3 best tips to feel more alive:

  • surround yourself with positive and fun people who bring out the best in you

  • compete in challenges that you don’t think you can necessarily accomplish

  • do things you wouldn’t normally do day to day, seeing more of the world, traveling

Life is an adventure after all.

- What motivates me for a lot of my fitness and challenges is that there’s a stereotype that women aren’t as strong as men which I find quite frustrating and I get a lot of messages from women who say they don’t feel comfortable going into the weight section.

- I love pushing boundaries and not just competing against myself but competing against others. It’s healthy to see men as these powerful individuals and say I want to be as strong as you and yes, we might have a smaller frame but there’s nothing wrong in trying to be strong in some aspects of training or your mental capacity as well.

- There are times when everyone goes through hardships in life and a great way to get over those is through fitness and different adventures and overcoming obstacles whether that’s physical or mental.

Being able to control your mind, cut negativity, find something that’s a goal or an obstacle and say to yourself I wanna overcome that.

- I love the community side of CrossFit. You walk into a box and the owners hug you, everyone is cheering and whooping, and congratulating people on a new personal best. Just that feeling of going somewhere you belong its a more powerful feeling that just going to the gym with your headphones on your own.

- I’m very protective of my personal space and training helps me put a bit of a barrier and protect myself.

Chill out, life is about enjoying things. Enjoy your life and live in the moment.

There’s always 10% more fuel in the tank. When you feel like you want to give up you need to remember that there’s always 10% more. That is the key to overcoming certain obstacles in life.

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