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EP 16: Sugar Dating and Self Love w/Jeanemarie

Updated: Jun 30

Music Industry, Sugar Dating

Jeanemarie has performed at Mandalay Bay Vegas, House of Blues Boston, The W in Hollywood California & Savage Lounge in NYC to name a few.

Standing at 5ft11” (183 cm) her height pales in comparison to her charismatic & confident personality. She got her first gig singing Christmas Carols in The White House at 11 years old. Since then she has been releasing one of a kind, timeless and sultry sounds independently.

She has been seen and featured on CBS "Face The Truth", "The Preachers", HBO "Ballers", A&E "The Glades" Netflix "The Judge" and heard on 93.5 Revolution Radio.

Some Questions I Ask:

- Some might say that sugaring it's like being an escort, others that is sex work, these judgments might come from jealousy, envy, basic ignorance, or in some cases from the misuse of the term and platforms by opportunistic men and women. How do you stand up for your lifestyle against those claims?

- What has been the best thing that you’ve learned from the wealthy and successful men you’ve met?

- How do you apply the things that you learn to your life?

- If you had a little sister or a daughter, would you encourage her to be a sugar baby?

On This Episode You Will Learn:

About self-love, how to apply what she has learned from her sugar daddies, her 3 best tips to upgrade your confidence, and much more.


Sugar dating is when you date someone who is more affluent, who is a little bit older, wiser, has a lot more to give in every aspect.

A sugar baby is a girl that takes advantage of her youth, her looks, her beauty, her intelligence, and uses that to have a relationship that it’s not just the typical vanilla relationship but a relationship that will benefit her now and in the future, financially, intellectually. A relationship that will help her grow into a better person.

There are sugar babies that are boys too.

An escort or a hooker is someone who goes, does the job, gets paid for a job and leaves, whereas a sugar baby is a woman who has a relationship like any other relationship, maybe it’s more casual, maybe it’s more connected, maybe they get married. The point is this relationship will her become a better woman, be more secure, and have things that she might not have on her own. 

This is a woman using her beauty and her intellect to get further ahead. We see this a lot in Hollywood, young actresses dating older ones. Musicians dating those who had been doing it longer. You are dating someone that you like but he can also help you have a better future.

Time is money.

It’s very important to be around motivated hustlers, you learn a lot and improve. I’ve learned how to monetize, how to capitalize, how to take nothing and make money out of it.

I have this belief that women should be completely catered to, loved, adored, and just very affectionate because I’m middle eastern, my family is Muslim, that’s how women are treated over there a lot of the times. They don’t have to work if they don’t want to and the man is responsible for all the finances, he’s responsible of making sure that she’s happy, making sure that she has everything that she wants. Not just what she needs but everything that she wants.

Why would I settle for anything less? The rest of the world needs to catch on. 

If you are not bringing any value to the table I don’t really need you. If a man is not making my life better in every way I don’t need him around.

Women need to be more confident, we need to love ourselves more so we can feel that type of deserving.

Tips to be more confident:

  • write 10 things you love about yourself

  • become aware of how you feel, that’s where it all starts, figuring out what makes each individual feel good

  • nurture this state of mind by having a routine that connects you with yourself like meditation, exercise, spiritual practice, sauna, massages, nails done, hair done.

People have to love themselves first to love others and do good by others. It takes a really strong individual to look in the mirror and truly say that they love themselves.

How to love yourself starting today?

  • Exercise, release endorphins, sweat.

  • Be nice to yourself.

  • Don’t feel guilty if you want to eat something. Eat it and enjoy it.

  • Be conscious of your health.

  • Do more of what makes you happy.

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