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EP 15: Figure Out The Life You Want and Make It Happen w/Maayan Gordon

Updated: Jun 30

Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Influencer

Maayan is a 28 year old TikTok Star consultant with 1.7+ Million followers in her account @worldofglass & 310K with @joyoffood, Branding Expert, Glass artist, Business owner, Social Media Consultant and Influencer with a community on Instagram: 80K between her two accounts @monkeyboyglass and @Monkeyboyart.

Her passion is for helping businesses and people grow their BRANDS and businesses, creating a larger and more impactful online and offline presence.

Some Questions I Ask:

- Who is Maayan?

- How do you grow yourself into the person you are becoming?

- What has been the wildest dream you’ve made reality so far?

- What scares you the most?

- It’s not only about business and money. How do all these changes impact our lives on a deeper level?

On This Episode You Will Learn:

About self-awareness, taking your power back and the strength that comes from being vulnerable, how her entrepreneurship journey has impacted her life on a deeper level, her best tips to be successful online, and much more.


I’m fascinated with people. Both myself and everyone else, I think we are the most interesting creatures on the planet. On an intellectual level, people are fascinating to observe and watch our behaviors and think about why we do things.

I’m an entrepreneur in heart and soul but it took me quite a while to realize that. I had a plan in my head that I was going to fo to college, to veterinary school. Into the first year of college, I realized that wasn’t for me, that it wasn’t the path I wanted to go on. I dropped out of college determined to figure out the life that I wanted to live and make that happen.

The wildest dream I’ve made reality so far has been owning a house. In my childhood I’d never pictured me owning a house, I had pictured myself going on many adventures. Making it happen relatively quickly was out of my wildest dreams.

My biggest fear is not pursuing the life that I can create in my mind and having envisioned things that I’ve never tried to make into a reality. My greatest fear would be to waste the life that I’m given.

So far I’ve pushed myself past boundaries that had been either imposed on me or self-imposed, continuing to push myself to grow, to try new things, to be brave in the ways that hold us back from accomplishing those visions.

To grow myself I’m continuously absorbing new information, I can’t grow or have new ideas if I’m not consuming new data. I do a lot of research, whether it is reading people’s posts on LinkedIn, reading comments on people’s social media posts to see the thought processes of followers, or simply by reading an article on how some piece of technology works.

I also make sure that I spend time doing absolutely nothing at all where I can completely process that information, let it flow freely throughout my mind without any intention to what I’m trying to do with it, and really see what my brain comes up with. A hot shower, a walk, or exercising even can be a great time for that.

There’s a lot that goes on internally with any human being that society/coping mechanisms teach us to tune out and really not focus on or pay attention to.

As my numbers have increased I’ve been able to increase my interaction with higher caliber people, there’s a relationship between high numbers and high caliber people simply because the numbers are what draws their attention. Attention is the first thing that you have to get to be successful at anything. Even if you have created the most amazing product in the world if no-one is paying attention to you you’re not going to be able to do anything with it.

Increasing the amount of attention that I’ve been able to put on myself allows me to bring attention to the things that are important to me and that I value.

Money is not an indicator of success, is more or less a result of financial decisions. Time is always a factor too, health is a big factor that people don’t talk about because it affects people’s ability to produce.

Sharing the post about being broke grow my own confidence and made me stronger.

- Top 3 tips:

1. Build daily habits that are gonna help you be successful. You don’t build anything by taking massive leaps, is tons, and tons of little steps that compound on each other to give you massive results. Be consistent and build them into habits that you already have.

2. Learn one new thing every day. Make it something that you are really interested in, it doesn’t have to have any other value than making you happy. When you start to research things that you are fascinated about they actually give you energy.

3. Eat better and exercise more consistently.

It’s exhausting to fight the voice that is within the core of your being, once you give in to it and listen to it then you start getting energy from these other places that you didn’t know you could get energy from.

Once I have control of this voice no-one had power over me, I don’t take people’s energies or being affected by them, it’s a conscious choice. I ask myself: it’s that gonna help you or it’s that gonna hurt you. You don’t owe them anything, you are not responsible.

Believe in yourself. I believe that each of us is good at our core. There are a lot of things that we question about out true motifs and ourselves and if we really believe in those things we have the courage to do all the things necessary to achieve the things that we want.

You believe in yourself by taking action on those beliefs.

Seeing the results of your own actions just cements everything that you believe so you have to act on your beliefs to see them come true and make that a permanent feeling inside of you.

You have to figure out a way to make that a permanent feeling. Once you get to that level everything else after that is so much easier and really a totally different struggle compared to that.

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